RPS Monoblock / Uniblock

The new RPS Uniblock was designed with two goals – reduce manufacturing costs, and provide a cost-effective device. Mission accomplished with a 70% reduction of machined processes along with the removal of a dozen seals compared to one competitor. The RPS Universal Block (Uniblock) can replace any existing ‘block type’ injector currently in the field.

RPS Pump Skids

RPS offers pump skids in standard single and dual configurations. Custom configurations are also offered. Gallon per minute ranges from 2-28 and can be configured up to 220psi.

Service Calls / Calibrations

Need help with your sites Bi-annual calibrations? RPS crews are specialists when it comes to performing calibrations. Our trucks arrive with the beakers from 100cc-1000cc in both plastic and glass. Whatever site specific additives you site has RPS can help in keeping your inventories in check. RPS will also check the pump skids along with piping during the calibration in an effort keep any unwanted injection alarms from occurring.

RPS has kept our numbers for additive loss/gain to the very minimums...


We were happy to help RPS do the beta site for their Uniblock. Installed on a pipeline application right out of the box and has not missed a lick..


RPS support staff has ALWAYS been there for us in every capacity. Looking forward to working with them in the future. You should too!